Driver training

We sit next to the driver. We give valuable advice that can be put directly into practice. We motivate, form satisfied teams, reduce any kind of stress and optimize the behavior of the drivers.

What we do exactly

Driving behavior
We take a close look at the driver. Right in the cockpit. In 30 minutes we check the driving style. We check acceleration, braking, cornering & general feeling of safety. After that we know if he is a good driver or a driver with potential for improvement.
Passenger contact & behavior towards customers
We check the duty uniform and the general well-groomed appearance. We also look at how the driver talks to and treats customers. Friendly and courteous behavior are mandatory for us!
The client receives the result within 24 hours with school grades for his drivers.
Start of the coaching
Permanent contact via the WhatsApp group and frequent repetition of the topics discussed. Day seminars with very high power of driver optimization (mindset), including maneuvering training. 80% of drivers are "accident-free" after the training and day seminar.
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