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About us

Who we are...

The definition of perfect fleet risk management. That was our drive 20 years ago. Over the years, we have developed a recipe for success that demonstrably guarantees improvement for our customers and partners.

We are fully committed to our task.
Inspiring, training and developing people and fleets is the greatest thing for us. We love working with people and look forward to helping you as soon as possible.

Karsten Weichelt is not only a book author and managing director. He is also the brain of the company. He and his large network of professionals have accomplished great things in Europe over the last few years and are now ready to improve the quality of drivers in Dubai as well.


Years of experience


Successful cases

15,6 Mio. $

Saved for clients

Why you need us!?

20 years of experience
Experience that is passed on is priceless. We have found a way to advise you individually and stand firmly by your side.
Experts from Germany
Quality and reliability. That is who we are. Made in Germany!
Fast & effective sollutions
We don't need long lead times. We recognize and improve immediately, so you can sit back and relax.
You save money!
Thanks to our help you will save a lot of money. Less damages, less accidents, less breakdowns of your drivers and less lawsuits. Your drivers will have a whole new awareness and be proud to work for you.
Modern approach
We work with the latest technology and the most innovative approaches on the market. The constant development of our trainings is our key to your success.
Great client support
We are not a flash in the pan. We stay by your side and are always available for you. We will surprise you and offer you support like you have never experienced before.

A word from company owner

I am Karsten Weichelt a top coach and trainer for professional professional drivers. I come from Germany. I have high empathy and experience curve as an advantage for drivers. I am absolutely practical with highly effective tips to avoid accidents in everyday life. No matter if bus driver, school bus driver, truck driver, taxidriver or limousine driver. I make you better and above all safer. I am also a motivational coach for whole teams. I improve communication between dispatchers & drivers and am an advisor to fleet and management.

My unique selling point:
I optimize critical drivers so that they no longer cause accidents.
In most cases the driver’s mindset is the cause in the background.
I first optimize the mindset in combination with practical tips of accident avoidance.

Benefit from my 20 years of experience in analyzing, optimizing drivers and fleets.

Karsten Weichelt

Entrepreneur / Driver Coach Dubai founder